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4ft x 8ft

With signboards you have the advantage of being able to position the sign anywhere or relocate the sign later if you wish. In some circumstances this may be preferrable to painting directly on a wall or window. Signboards can be mounted on walls or adapted to use as free standing signs, a-frame signs, single or double sided.

I will design and create a hand painted sign board to meet any need, whether it is a sign two feet wide or twenty-four feet wide, with graphic art and lettering, or lettering only, all at affordable prices.  Call me, your local sign painter!   

Yasmeen: 355-9781

Hawaiian Restaurant, Double-Sided Hanging Sign,  1.5 ft x 4 ft

  2.5 ft x 3 ft  enamel paint                                        Sign installed with painted lettering
  on 1/4 in. plastic board                                            above on wall

3ft x 8ft  signboard

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